Fernand Vezina

Hi everybody,

My name is Fernand Vezina,  I am an arranger and a composer.

I started learning music at the age of thirteen and learned principally trumpet and flugel horn but along with, I touched many other instrument by curiosity.  I was a kind of an all around musician, dance bands, stage bands, combos, marching bands, etc,.  Lather on, I joined the CAF Band which I spent 30 years to their service.   I had a good carreer in music from  the age of 16 to 55 years and then making arrangements and compositions from classical to jazz music.  All the music that you will hear on this site is original.

I have the highest respect for all musicians.  However the music here on this site is done digitally from beguining up to the last note.

Of course, it is a lot of troubles to get musicians in recording studios everytimes I want to record a piece of music, and what about recording studio prices.

For that reason I decided to open this internet site and put some of my music on it.  I only do that for my personal pleasure and by the same token it gives some musicians an opportunity to hear the arrangements before they are even public. It is only possible to acccomplish with some electronic equipment and of course few ideas.

Also all that music can be purchased at ScoreExchange.com  (all music sheet parts for Big Band arrangements and more can be obtained at a decent cost).

If you wish, you can contact me by EMail of Facebook.

Thank's for your interest.

Fernand Vezina (SOCAN) 
Arranger, Composer & Conductor

Ambiance                                                                        98 RN 094 279 251 CA   
Bluesy Boogie (a)                                                           10 RW 539 054 175 CA
Dance Closer                                                                  98 RN 094 293 806 CA 7764
Dance on Ice                                                                   02 RT 606 544 695 CA
Fernando's Cha-Cha                                                      04 RT 882 389 578 CA
Keep Moving                                                                  98 RN 092 000 229 CA 7361        
Mambo for Two                                                             02 RT 603 739 914 CA
Promenade                                                                     98 RN 092 000 227 CA
Relaxation                                                                       98 RN 094 293 805 CA
First Waltz (the)                                                              98 RN 094 293 807 CA
Accomplishment                                                            03 RT 749 397 272 CA
Mambo Vez                                                                     RT 086 298 490 CA
Nice & Easy                                                                     00 RT 315 436 118 CA 
Serenade                                                                         98 RN 094 293 803 CA
Silhouette                                                                        98 RN 094 293 811 CA
If you wish to buy music sheets for for any of the above from a single sheet to a full band arrangement for any of the above and much more go to​​ www.scoreexchange.com/profiles/vez​​​
The best way to contact me is by EMail and then depending of the purpose, it will  be easy to reajust using the proper communication system.  Thank's for your interest.
Fernand Vezina
Trois-Rivieres,  Qc